General Terms and Conditions

Payment Terms:
Until credit has been established, all orders will need to be pre-paid with company check, credit card or cash. We reserve the right to grant or deny terms at our discretion. If payment history is not kept in good standing we will revoke the terms agreement and orders will have to be prepaid. There will be a $30.00 fee for all returned checks.

Minimum Orders:
There is a $200.00 minimum order to open a wholesale account, $50.00 for re-orders.

All freight charges will be FOB-Chamblee, and will be billed Freight Collect at destination unless specific arrangements have been made at the time of order. Unless you have a carrier you would prefer, we will use our best judgement to arrange the most cost-effective transport to your destination. We do offer local delivery in our own truck for a minimum fee of $75.00 (depending on the size of the order and exact location of the delivery). Please note that we do not do inside delivery because of property damage liability. If inside delivery is needed please make arrangements with us at time of order. You may be required to sign a waiver releasing us from liability in case of an accident or damage.

All of our potteries are handmade by local artisans and potters. No two pots are exactly alike. Slight variations in color, finish and size are possible. If you have specific needs such as exact matches please let us know at the time of your order so we can do our best to accommodate your needs.

Cold Hardiness:
Our pots are high heat fired at temperatures in excess of 1300 Celsius and can withstand cold and heat. Under extreme weather conditions cracking is possible, though not likely. We strongly recommend drilling ample holes in pots that will remain outdoors to aid in drainage. If you need holes drilled into pots that have none, we are happy to do it for a small charge. Please make a note on your order if you require drills. We do not recommend drilling the porcelain collections.

We take great care in packing our goods for shipping. Each item is inspected and packed with cardboard, plastic, foam and wood on pallet, then wrapped with high density plastic wrap to ensure a snug load. This is a process that protects the products in transit. Occasionally breakage beyond our control does occur. It is the customer’s responsibility to document any broken items and report them to us within 2 days of delivery to receive credit. If you are receiving an entire container, we would generally floor pack the load to maximize space. If pallets are needed please let us know at time of order. There will be an additional charge for the pallets used.

We do not accept backorders. We will try our best to fill your order with our current inventory. If we are out of stock of an item, we will make every effort to reach you for instructions and suggest a similar replacement item.

All sales final. It is our strict policy not to accept returns or exchanges. Due to the nature of our wares, we cannot be responsible for merchandise that has left our premises. Please take your time in considering the pieces you choose and inspect them carefully before leaving the warehouse.

We do rent our pots. Please inquire about our rental policy.

Many of our pots are nested sets. We do not break the sets for individual pots.

Understanding the style #’s:
Our catalog is divided into collections, each representing the products from a certain area and factory. When looking at the style number, the first set of letters will represent the color of the pot. The numbers that follow is the style number. If it is a nested set the style number will have a slash then number, indicating the quantity of pots in the set.
Example: JR7004/4 = Jade Red = color, 7004 = style, 4 = number of pots in the set.

Custom Jobs:
We can custom make pots per your design. A non-refundable mold fee will be charged depending upon the scale of the design. The production process including making the mold, creating the pieces and transit is about three months. Delay may occur due to unforeseen weather. All items are manufacture from factories abroad. However our control of the container ends at FOB country of origin. Damage and breakage in transit are beyond our control after this time. Consignee should arrange for its own insurance coverage.